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Dijital Sanat Devrimi - Hardalist

Hi folks!
We present to you Hardalist! It is now live after over a year of efforts and a belief that this is going to add huge depth to art and the way that art is made.
Hardalist is a social blah-blah that you can create a profile, post (in unusual ways) and shout them out to any other platform.
Create scenes you think about with the artwork, dynamic speech bubbles, stickers and drawing tools we supply!
If you are into being a part of the digital arts revolution that is coming, meet us at Hardalist!
Merhaba dostlar!
Üzerinde bir yıldan uzun bir süredir çalıştığımız, sanata ve icra ediliş yöntemine büyük bir derinlik kazandıracağına çok inandığımız Hardalist uygulamasını sizlerle paylaşmanın sevincini yaşıyoruz. 
Hardalist; profil ve gönderiler yaratmanıza(sıradışı yöntemlerle) ve bunları diğer platformlarda paylaşmanıza izin veren bir "sosyal bıdı-bıdı"dır.
Aklınızdaki kompozisyonu (sahneyi); bizim sunduğumuz eserler, metin eklenebilen dinamik konuşma balonları, çıkartmalar ve çizim araçlarıyla gönlünüzce yaratabilirsiniz!
Yaklaşan dijital sanat devriminin bir parçası olmak isterseniz, Hardalist'te buluşalım!
Feridun DEMİR

10 Tem 2018 16:38 / feridundemir

HOMURCUK Sayı 24 Yayınlandı...

06.07.2018 10:34 / Atay Sözer

Olense Kartoenale / Belgium 10 September 2018 @

Hello cartoonist,The entryform for participating to the contest ‘Olens Kartoenale’ you can find on where you also can upload your works. The deadline is 10 september 2018 at 12.00 AM midnight.
Please do not send your entries to as they will not be accepted.
The main theme is ‘Safety at work’. This year Amnesty International offers the best cartoon with the theme ‘Right to decent work’ a special prize. The regulation you also can consult at
You can upload your works on
Good luck!Best regards,
Hilde Driesmans, beleidsmedewerker Vrije Tijd (cultuur en toerisme) 
Lokaal bestuur Olen, Vrije Tijd, 014 27 94 21, 
1. Participation:The contest is open to all persons irrespective of age and nationality.
There are 2 categories:
• Youth Category: 15 years and younger.
• Adult Category: 16 years and older.
Both professional and non-professional cartoonists are allowed to participate in this contest.
2. Theme: The main theme is ‘Safety at work’.This year, Amnesty International is offering a special prize to the best cartoon with the theme ‘Right to decent work’.
More information about the main theme can be found in annex to this document.
3. Entries:
• The entries have to be submitted in digital format and shouldn't contain any explanation of the drawing.
• The entries have to be uploaded in JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (2480 x 3508 pixels).. 
• Dimensions include any passe-partout 21 x 30 cm (A4). 
• Number of entries per contestant: maximum 5 submissions for each theme.
• You have to fill in your contact details at (Click “Register”).
• You can sign up for participation from 1 july 2018 onwards.
• Winners will be requested to send the original drawings of the winnings cartoons. 
• This should be sent to Community Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen, Belgium within 2 days after the request is made by the organization.
4. Property Rights:Prize-winning drawings will become the property of the organizer or theme sponsor.
The selected drawings may be used by the organizers to promote the contest and the village of Olen.
5. Evaluation:The jury consists of artists, cartoonists and laymen.
Decisions made by the jury cannot be challenged.
6. Catalogue/Cartoon Book:Selected entries will be considered for inclusion in a catalogue.
The authors of these entries will receive a free copy of the catalogue during the prize award ceremony or afterwards by mail.
7. Deadline: 10 September 2018: The deadline is 10 September 2018 at 12.00 AM midnight.
The entry form can be found at (Click "Register") where you can also upload your entries.

3 Temmuz 2018 12:57 / Hilde Driesmans 

Winners of 16th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival - 2017  Kazananlar

*Cartoon Section:

Grand Prize (1 awards): Marcin Bondarowicz (Poland)

Gold Prize (2 awards):Bossens Philippe (Belgium), Li Haifeng (China)
Silver Prize (4 awards):Mahmood Nazari (Iran), Victor Emmanuel Velez Becerra (Mexico), Raed Khalil (Syria), Liu Qiang (China)
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Seyran Caferli (Azerbaijan), Suratno (Indonesia), Aidarbek Gazizov (Kazakhstan), Horia Crisan & Bogdan Petry (Romania), Erdogan Basol (Turkey), Oleg Gutsol (Ukraine), Huang Qigong (China), Niu Zhongju (China)

*Caricature Section:

Grand Prize (1 awards):Darek Labedzki (Poland)

Gold Prize (2 awards):Luciano Soares Lima (Brazil), Hu Min (China)
Silver Prize (4 awards):Naufan Noordyanto (Indonesia), Walter Toscano (Peru), Dai Peicheng (China), Shao Dan (China)
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Eder Santos (Brazil), Hadi Asadi (Iran), Mohammad Azad Mohammadi (Iran), Omar Zevallos (Peru), Seyit Saatçi (Turkey), Guo Ye (China), Wu Di (China), Zhu Zizun (China)

*Student Section:

Grand Prize (1 awards):Xia Aoxuan (China)

Gold Prize (2 awards):Dian Putri Anggreini (Indonesia), Weng Hanyi (China)
Silver Prize (4 awards):Nadhea Putri Sukma Maharani (Indonesia), Niujia Jingchang & Li Muyang (China), Shi Jingyi (China), Wang Zitong (China)
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Dias Safira Salsabilla (Indonesia), Edo Julius (Indonesia), Wahyu (Indonesia), Huang Leyi (China), Hu Jiayi (China), Liu Ruoxin & Li Xinrui (China), Tang Chen (China), Zhao Niwen (China)
Wu Jianjun, Hou Xiaoqiang, Yu Tiancheng, Jin Hui, Jiang Lidong

5 Temmuz 2018 19:32 / Jiang Lidong

Daily  Güncel

Louis Postruzin (POL) - Australia

International Cartoon Exhibition for Youth Under Years ČAKOVEC 2018 - Croatia 1 september 2018 @

Conditions of entry: 
1. Original works and digital artworks will be accepted 
2. Entries can be either black and white or coloured. 
3. Entries must not have been previously awarded on festivals. 
4. Entries can be sent via internet or by mail. 
5. Each authour can send up to 3 works. 
6. Size of entries is A4 or A3 format (jpg 300 dpi). Send them to this email: 
7. Cartoon works will be reviewed by the international jury.
Deadline: Entry deadline is September 1st, 2018.
Prizes and Awards: Certificate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place + catalogue 5 special mentions + catalogue
Exhibition: The exhibition will take place in Culture Center in Čakovec, from September 27th to October 10th 2018
Other Conditions: Authors of works that qualify for the exhibition will be given a copy of the cataloque. The organizer reserves the right to reproduce the works sent to the festival, Čakovec 2018 as the advertising material, without being obliged to pay a fee to an author. Original works are returned at the request and the expence of the author.

participation form - katılım formu

18 Haziran 2018 10:03 / Damir Novak

Fourth International Graphic Humor Festival “The Sunny Dragon” 2018 @

Dear Kar, 
We invite you to take part in the Fourth International Graphic Humour Festival “The Sunny Dragon” with the title “Welcome to Armenia” and its topics: Noah’s Return, Tourism in Armenia, Transportation.
This time, in 2018, the festival will take place in Goris, Armenia in interactive mode during 7th and 8th of July.
You can find the Regulations & Entry Form in the attachment.
Spread, please, this announcement over your networks•
Request to the participants.
1.Type the name of the files in Latin (especially Chinese participants)
2.Entry Form files names as follows: Country Name Surname, the same applies to the naming of the work files (except for a possible specific work title) and please do not name the files as “Entry”, “Entry Form”, “cv”, “my cv”, “cv English”, etc. 
3.Do not fill out forms by hand!
Kind regards,
Ani Barseghyan - Coordinator Sunny Dragon International Graphic Humour Festival

Fourth International Graphic Humor Festival “The Sunny Dragon”
The Association of Caricaturists with the support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia announces the Fourth International Graphic Humor Festival “The Sunny Dragon”.
This time, in 2018, the festival will take place in Goris, Armenia in interactive mode during 7th and 8th of July. The participants can send their work (in electronic form) in advance, as well take a direct online part during the 2 days of the festival.
Title of the Festival is “Welcome to Armenia” and its topics are: Noah’s Return, Tourism in Armenia, Transportation.
Goris is one of the cities of Syunik Province at the south of Armenia and is located in a pit, surrounded by rocky ridges and caves. Near the city, in Khndzoresk village there is a complex of ancient caves, archeological and ethnographical museums. From ancient times the caves were used as dwellings, which were expended and became big villages.
The festival will be held in one of the cave complexes, on the southern outskirts of the picturesque city. On the walls of the cave the works of the participants will be projected and at the same time the works of children (schoolchildren from art schools of Goris) who will create their works on spot. During the festival the participants will be able to communicate freely, exchange pictures and commentaries not only with their colleagues, but also with the people from all over the world, who would want to take part in live, fun, effortless and creative participation in joint free action. The festival will be broadcasted all over the Internet and Media.
First Prize«Golden Sunny Dragon» medal and valuable gift 
Second Prize«Silver Sunny Dragon» medal and valuable gift 
Third Prize«Bronze Sunny Dragon» medal and valuable gift
Special Prize from the RA Ministry of Culture
Special Prize from Armenian Association of Caricaturists (Some other prizes can also be expected).
Golden, Silver and Bronze Sunny Dragons will be awarded upon jury’s’ decision. The jury’s’ decision is final and cannot be disputed. The jury will be announced soon. Special awards will be assigned by the respective organisations.
*Submission Procedure & Requirements:Works, in digital format, should be sent to the following e-mail address: together with the completed digital entry form. All submitted works, in any technique, black/white
or colour, must be saved in high quality JPG, TIFF, PNG or PDF formats, in 300 dpi resolutions, in A4 size; each file should not exceed 5MB. Larger files will not be considered.
Terms and Conditions:
*The artist gives rights of reproduction, exhibition, publication and communication to the public to the Sunny Dragon, hereafter referred to as the “Organizers”
*Submitted works can be exhibited all over Armenia, also at different galleries and exhibition halls at sole discretion of the Organizers.
*Submissions that have received awards previously at other events are also accepted. Please mention the place and the date of the award.
*The results of the festival along with all updates and catalogues will be posted on
Facebook page click here
*By submitting any contribution the artist certifies that the submission is his/her original work and does not incorporate any third party copyrighted or trademarked materials.
*By submitting your works you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the Organizers.

participiation form - katılım formu

19 Haziran 2018 02:30 / Ani Barseghyan

Autószektor Cartoon Contest
Hungaria 30 June 2018 @

The Motorist Great-Coalition (H-1132 Budapest, Váci street 18.) invites all professional and amateur caricaturists to the „Autószektor Cartoon Contest” with the following theme:
The Family transport - Ailece Seyahat
1. All participants must be a natural person over 18.
2. The contest has 1 turn. Each competitor is allowed to participate in the competition with a maximum of 5 caricatures. Entries should not content any text and should be made in A4 format. File details: CYMK, JPG, good quality, the maximum size of the mail is 10 MB.
3. The registration form – attached to this contest invitation – must be sent back signed and scanned, together with the caricatures – to the
4. Deadline: June 30. 2018. 
5. Awards:
I. 150 000 HUF (minus TAX)
II. 100 000 HUF (minus TAX)
III. 50 000 HUF (minus TAX)
+ Everyone on the podium gets a diploma
6. By applying, the participants accept that any decision of the jury - in connection with this contest – is final and not appealable.
7. Announcement of results: July 31. 2018. 
8. By filling the registration form, the participant acknowledges that the Motorist Great-Coalition - referring to the competition – can use the submitted creations free, without the purpose of gaining financial benefits. Forms of use:
- Through mediums cooperating with the Motorist Great-Coalition (;;, etc. )
- In digital or printed catalogues
- In the free publication made for the partners of Motorist Great-Coalition, which will not be merchandised
- On exhibitions, or events supported by the Motorist Great-Coalition
- As decoration
Continuous information on the click here
click here - tıklayın
If you have any question, contact us at
click here - tıklayın!
We wish you good work and a successful participation!
István Knezsik

14 Haziran 2018 15:51 / István Kelemen

10th Salão Medplan de Humor

Brazil 02 April - 18 June 2018 @ P

1 - Participation: April 2 to June 18, 2018.
The 10th Salão Medplan de Humor is open to all graphic artists, who can register works that have not been awarded until the closing date of the entries, in the cartoon, caricature and comics modalities (The comic strip should have only one page).
The opening of the Exhibition will be July 28 , with the announcement of winners .
Each artist can enroll with the maximum of five ( 5 ) UNPUBLISHED - YAYINLANMAMIŞ works in the format 30x40 cm and using any technique . On the back of each drawing , or in registration must include the author's full name , address (with ZIP code), email , phone number , ID number , social security number and bank account .
The artist can participate by sending their work through the website
click here - tıklayın (with maximum size of 3 megabytes ) or sending the originals to :
10º Salão Medplan de Humor 
Rua Coelho Rodrigues, 1921
Centro CEP: 64000-080 
Teresina - PI - Brasil
2 - Theme:The theme of the 10th Salão Medplan de Humor will be FLIRT.
3 - Awards:
First prize: R$ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) 
Second Place : R$ 3,000.00 (three thousand reais). 
Internet Award : R$ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais) .
Medplan Award Caricature: R $ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais). Free theme.
Medplan Award for Comics / Comic Strips: R $ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais). Free theme.
The Internet Award will be chosen by Internet users, 09-13 July at the site :
The best works will be part of the traveling exhibition of the 10th Salão Medplan de Humor. The awarded works will be considered acquisitive and will become part of the acquis Medplan.
The works will not be returned.
May not participate in this hall officials Medplan, their relatives and anyone involved in your organization.
The simple inscription configure automatic participant's agreement to all such terms.

16 Mayıs 2018 17:13 / joseantonio costa

Results of 7.International Olive Cartoon Contest 2018
7.Uluslararası Zeytin Karikatürleri Yarışması 2018 Sonuçlar

Birincilik ödülü/Frist Prize: Shahram Rezai - Iran

İkincilik Ödülü/Second Prize: Oleksy Kustovsky – Ukraina

Üçüncülük Ödülü/Third Prize: Seyed Ali Miraee – Iran

Other special prizes for click here - Diğer özel ödüller için tıklayın

11 Haziran 2018 23:47 / Hüseyin Çakmak

Daily Güncel


Results of Animal Cartoon 2018 Sonuçlar

*Two First prizes, 400 euro each: Manuel Arriaga SPAIN - Vorontcov Nikolai RUSSIA

*Two Second prizes, 250 euro each: Sergii Riabokon UKRAINE,Marco De Angelis ITALY

*Two Third prizes, 200 euro each: Zoran Tovirac Toco SRBIJA, Mohsen Zarifian IRAN

*DIiplomas: Goran Milenković SRBIJA, Masoumeh Rahimi IRAN, Djoko Susilo INDONESIA, Raimundo Waldez C. Duarte BRAZIL, Pavel Matuška CZECH REPUBLIC, Raed Khalil SYRIA
*Jury Members: Juliana Pena Pai ROMANIA, Istvan Kelemen HUNGARY, Tošo Borković SERBIA, Jugoslav Vlahović SERBIA, Jovo Škomac SERBIA, Špiro Radulović SERBIA
click here

Similar Cartoons  Benzer Karikatürler

Results of 13th Edition of the Festival dell'Economia Sonuçlar

We finished the counting of the visitors' votes for the 13th edition of the Festival dell'Economia, in the exhibition "Sorrisi dal mondo", organized and displayed in the Studio Andromeda stand from may 31st to june 3rd 2018 in Piazza Cesare Battisti in the city of Trento.
More than 300 artists participated to the contest, sending their works from all over the world.
In this 13th edition, the winners are:

First place: Agim Sulaj (Italy)

Second place: Yang Lijie (China)

Third place: Petry & Crisan (Romania)

The pize is purely symbolic but has a great visibility value. The visitors of the exhibition in the stand were plenty, moreover there was a constant media coverage, newspapers and different television networks that came more than once for shootings and interviews in the stand.
The artworks will be visible on our website at:
click here

6 Haziran 2018 00:05 / Studio Andromeda

The Regulations concerning the International Satirical Picture Competition „KARPIK” Niemodlin

Poland 30 September 2018 P

§ 1 These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) lay down terms and conditions of holding the International Satirical Picture Competition „KARPIK” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition). 
§ 2 1. The Competition is organized by the Cultural Centre in Niemodlin, Poland. 2. The Participant must be a natural person of legal age, who has a full legal capacity irrespective of the place of the residence. 3. Participation in the Competition is free of charge. 
§ 3 Submitting an entry to the Competition is tantamount to the full acceptance of the Regulations by the Participant. The Participant commits himself to comply with the rules laid down in the Regulations as well as to confirm to meet all conditions which make him eligible to participate in the Competition. 
§ 4 1. Submitting entry to the Competition consists in sending an original version of a hand-made drawing to the Organizer. The subject matter of the drawing shall cover such topics as fish, fishermen, cast-net fishing, etc., and meet the conditions laid down in these Regulations. 2. The format of the works submitted to the Competition shall not exceed the A-3 size format. 3. Each participant of the Competition is entitled to demonstrate the maximum 2 of works. 4. Each of the entries submitted should be described on the reverse in the following manner: the date of completing the work, the author's full name and address, contact details such as the telephone number or the e-mail address. 5. The entry submitted to the Competition must constitute the participant’s original work. By accepting these Regulations the Participant declares that he is the author of the entry submitted to the Competition and the author hereby declares, that has exclusive and unlimited copyright (personal and proprietary) to the entry and related rights to use and dispose of the submitted work. 6. Entries sent in order to be submitted in the Competition which will not comply with the terms laid down in these Regulations shall not be included in the Competition. 
§ 5 1. The Competition is announced by the Organizer annually, not later than by January 15 of a given calendar year and lasts till November 30 of the same year. 2. The entries must be sent in a package preventing their damage. 3. The shall not be responsible for any loss or damage sustained during shipment of the entries. 4. The entries may be sent from the day of the announcement of the Competition by September 30 of the same year. 5. The entries shall be sent to the following address: 
Ośrodek Kultury w Niemodlinie ul. M. Reja 1 49-100 Niemodlin, POLAND marked "Karpik". 
§ 6 1. The selection of the award-winning entries will be based on the following criteria: 1) idea corresponding with the thematic scope of the competition, 2) the technique. 2. The Competition Jury shall be responsible for the selection of the winning entries and the Jury’s composition will be made public after its session. 3. Determining the winner in the given year will take place in the first half of October of the same year and will be carried out of the entries complying with the criteria of these Regulations. 4. The final result of the Competition will be published on the Cultural Centre’s website: www. 5. The winners of the Competition shall receive the prizes specified in § 7. 
§ 7 1. The prizes of the Competition are as follows: 1) Grand Prix – PLN 2.800 gross 2) three main prizes – PLN 1.150 gross each 2. The Organizer may also award prizes or distinctions in a form or amount set freely by him. 3. The winner will be awarded in the form specified in the Regulations and the award shall not be exchangeable for other non-cash awards. 4. The main prize may be handed in at the Organizer’s office during the award ceremony after the winner appears in person, or it may be sent by post to the winner’s address. 5. In case the Participant fails to collect the award in person, it shall be sent by post to the winner’s address. 6. In the case referred to in the paragraph 5 above, the winner shall bear shipping costs which will be deducted from the sum of the prize awarded. 
§ 8 1. The organizer has the exclusive right to determine the winner of the Competition based on the rules specified in these Regulations. 2. Pursuant to Article 30, section 1, point 2 of the Personal Income Tax Act on the income gained by way of wins in competitions, games and pari-mutuel betting or prizes related to premium sale in a European Union Member State or another country which is party to the European Economic Area, subject to Article 21, section 1, point 6, 6a and 68 of the Act, a 10% flat-rate tax is charged and deducted from the win or prize. This tax is collected without lowering the income by the cost of its generation. The winners are liable for the payment of the tax due on the prize. 3. The organizer shall pay the monetary prize and collect the appropriate amount of the flat rate income tax of the prize’s value form the winner of the Competition and shall pay the appropriate amount of the tax in question to the account of the relevant Tax Office in accordance with applicable law regulations in this scope. 
§ 9 1. Upon the submission of the entry to the Organizer, the Organizer will obtain non-exclusive licence for an indeterminate period of time, which will authorise the Organizer to free use of proprietary copyrights to the entry in the following areas of exploitation: a) using the work on the organizer’s website, b) presenting the work during the post-contest exhibition, c) placing reproductions of the work in catalogues presenting the entries which will be distributed by the Organizer for promotional purposes of the Competition. 
2. On the issuing of the prize to the Participant, the Organizer gains free proprietary rights to the awarded entry of the Participant in the following areas of exploitation: 1) with regard to the right to record and multiply the work using printing and digital techniques; 2) with regard to distribution of the work – in form of public exposition and making the work available in such manner that everybody could have access to it at a time and place chosen by themselves, in particular by placing it in the Organizer’s advertising or promotional materials. 
3. On handing over the entry to the Organizer, the ownership of the drawing will be transferred to the Organizer. 
§ 10 1. By entering the Competition in the manner permitted in these Regulations, the Participant agrees to be bound by the provisions of these Regulations, including consent to the processing of personal data by the Organizer, and agrees to comply with these Regulations. The personal data provided will be processed by the Organizer pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law of 29 August 1997 for the following purposes: organization and conducting the Competition; determining the Winner and notifying possible winners; handing over the possible awards; achieving the broad objectives of marketing and promotional activities of the Organizer; obtaining statistical and analytical data; contacting the owner of the data. 2. The Organizer informs that he is an administrator of personal data in terms of the Act referred to in Art.1 The data owner has the right to view and correct his personal information at the Organizer’s Office. Furthermore, the data owner at any time has the right to object processing of their data by the Organiser as allowed by the above mentioned Act. Due to safety reasons the data owner shall contact the Organizer in person or in writing. 
§ 11 1. Personal data of Participants will be processed by the Organizer solely for the purposes and solely in the scope necessary to conduct the Competition, i.e., in order to identify the Participant, issue the awards and the possible public disclosure of the full name and the place of residence of the Competition winners, as well as to publish the entries in the Organizer’s promotional materials. 2. The Organizer will store the personal data according to the applicable law and implement appropriate measures to protect the processed personal data, in particular against their unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized takeover, processing with violation of the Act, as well as against any change, removal, damage or destruction. 
§ 12 1. The Participant grants publishing permission to use of his full name in promotional materials related to the Competition, in particular on the Organizer’s websites, as well as gives consent to use them for the Organizer’s promotional and marketing purposes. 2. Participation in the Competition shall not constitute grounds for requesting any remuneration of any kind whatever. 3. All materials used to promote the Competition are of a purely advertising nature, whereas the provisions of the Regulations have a binding character. 
§ 13 1. The Organizer shall not be responsible for any problems arising during the course of the Competition if they took place as a result of the events which may not have been foreseen by the Organiser with the preservation of due diligence or which may not have been avoided, in particular in case of force majeure events which are not possible to predict, participation in the 
Competition which fails to comply with any of the provisions of these Regulations and the potential subsequent damage caused. 2. The Organiser shall not be liable for impossibility of receipt of the award for reasons beyond the Organiser’s control which lie with the Participant. 3. The awarded Participants are not liable to transfer their rights to the award to third parties. 4. The Winner of the Competition may renounce the award in writing, nevertheless, shall not be entitled to receive any equivalent in exchange. 
§ 14 The rules of these Regulations constitute the sole ground for holding the Competition and their binding and final interpretation lies solely with the Organizer. 
§ 15 The Organizer has the right to exclude the Participant or his entry from the Competition in case the Participant fails to obey the provisions of the law, good manners, these Regulations or in case he infringes any other rights or interests of the Organizer. 
§ 16 1. These Regulations constitute the sole binding document specifying the rules of the Competition. 2. The Organizer reserves the right to change these Regulations in case of a change of the law or for other important reasons, in particular when the change allows for efficient organization of the Competition in accordance with the rules, provided that it will not undermine the rights that have been already acquired by the Participants. 3. The text and any changes to these Regulations will be publicly announced on the Cultural Centre’s website
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Spirito di Vino 19° International Competition for cartoonists on the world of wine

Italy 18 April to - 28 August 2018

Dear friends,
the 2018 Spirito di Vino contest has already started! Are you aware of all the news?
Read the new regulation
As usual, the competition is free, and is a great way to take a challenge, stimulate your own creativity, relax during the hottest months of the year and compete with artists from all around the world!
Remember that the registrations are open until Tuesday 28th August 2018.
To participate, you must register in the appropriate section on the website, download the rules and the participation.
Spirito di Vino Staff

Spirito di Vino 19° International Competition for cartoonists on the world of wine
Art. 1 – Subject of the competition
Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia, together with the the Accademia di Belle Arti G.B. Tiepolo in Udine, holds a competition called “Spirito di Vino” to award prizes to authors of satirical cartoons focussing on the world of wine and wine culture. The participation to the competition is free of charge.
Art. 2 – Participation to the competition
The competition is open to artists coming from Italy and abroad, exclusively on an individual basis, over 18 years old (who turn 18 in 2018 and above). Participants will be split into two categories: the “under”, from 18 to 35 years old, and the “over”, above 36 years old.
Art. 3 – Work format and requirements
The satirical cartoons can be drawn manually with any technique, black and white or colour, only in A3 format with 1 cm of external border. Each participant is entitled to only submit one work. The works shall be sent as hard copies and signed in a non invasive way with ©Name and Surname of the author in the corner (front) or in the back of the page.
Art. 4 – Deadline and submission of the works
The works can be submitted from Wednesday 18 April to Tuesday 28 August 2018. To take part to the competition, the cartoonists need to register in the competition section of the website, download the competition rules, as well as the registration form.
The hard copies of the works shall be sent (properly protected) by registered mail, together with a signed copy of the registration form filled in every section, to the following address:
Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia
Via del Partidor, 7 – 33100 Udine (Italy)
Only the works delivered within Tuesday 28 August midnight will be accepted.
In addition, the works shall also be uploaded on the website, together with the registration form, in jpg and high resolution (300 dpi) format.
The hard copies received after the aforementioned deadline will not be accepted. The organisers have no liability for any deterioration and/or damage to the works sent by mail or resulting from any other issue connected to the submission of the works (delays, no delivery, etc.).
Art. 5 – Return of the works
The hard copies of the works will not be returned.
Art. 6 – Exclusion
The works that do not comply with the rules stipulated by art 1, 2, 3, 4 will not be accepted.
Art. 7 – Members of the jury
Movimento Turismo del Vino selected a jury made of great masters of the Italian satire, such as Giorgio Forattini, Alfio Krancic, Emilio Giannelli, Valerio Marini and other leading personalities from the world of cartoons, graphics and food&wine. The decisions of the jury are unquestionable and irrevocable.
The jury will assess the capacity of the cartoonists to best interpret the proposed topic showing their manual designing skills, creativity and a precise technique. The works drawn using digital techniques will also be taken into consideration.
Art. 8 – Prizes:
The prizes up for grabs for the three winners will be distributed as follows
1° prize - “under”: 75 bottles
2° prize - “under”: 50 bottles
3° prize - “under”: 25 bottles
1° prize - “over”: 75 bottles
2° prize - “over”: 50 bottles
3° prize - “over”: 25 bottles
Art. 9 – Awarding ceremony and exhibition
During the awarding ceremony, the works selected by the jury for the finals will be put on display in Autumn 2018 in an exhibition held at Villa Manin in Passariano di Codroipo (Ud).
A booklet with the works displayed at the exhibition will be published and one copy will be distributed to each author of the selected works and, upon request, to the authors of the works excluded from the selection. The event will be promoted in the Italian and foreign press. The exhibition could then become itinerant and put on display in other locations to be defined.
Art. 10 – Copyright:
By participating in the competition, the cartoonists grant Movimento Turismo del Vino the non-exclusive right to reproduce, publicise and promote the works – with the sole obligation to mention the author – on digital material (websites, social networks, TV programmes, online magazines, etc.), on any material connected to the competition (brochures, flyers, folders, invitations, billboards, shoppers, etc.), on the catalogue of the exhibition, as well as on postcards, calendars and posters. This list is not complete and just gives some examples of the possible ways in which the organisers are entitled to use the works. The use of the aforementioned works by the organisers does not entitle the cartoonists to claim any income. The participants guarantee that they are the authors of the submitted works, explicitly lifting and removing any liability from the organisers in case any compensation is claimed by third parties for any circumstance. Such authors declare, taking full civil and criminal liability, that the submitted works do not violate the relevant legislation.
Art. 11 – Approval of the competition rules
By participating to the competition, the artists declare that they fully acknowledge and accept all the conditions and clauses illustrated in this document.
Pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree n.196/2003 and subsequent modifications, the personal details and data that will be collected in the different phases of the competition shall be processed by complying with the principles of correctness, legitimacy and transparency, to guarantee the confidentiality and the rights of the involved parties. The collected data will be registered and stored for the purposes connected with the management of this competition. Personal data can only be processed by Movimento Turismo del Vino using both digital and non-digital tools. Under the terms of the aforementioned Decree, the personal data can only be processed provided that the involved party has granted his/her authorisation. By registering for the competition, participants explicitly agree with the processing of their personal data.
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REGISTRATION FORM (to attach to the works) 
Born in
Date of birth
Tel / Fax 
Mobile phone
ZIP code and city/town
Technique used
Title of the work and short comment 

1 Haziran 2018 19:30 / Spirito di Vino

International Cartoon Exhibition Ymitos 2018

Greece 31 July 2018 @

Subject to cartoon and sketch:“Road behavior and risks”
The Caricature and Cartoon Exhibition will be held October 20 - November 3 Events Hall Municipal Community Hymettus To organize events which will include lectures, performances and various artistic and other events.
•The drawings must be black and white or in color.
•Each participant may present up to 3 drawings (size A3).
•Resolution must be at least 300 dpi. 
•It would be preferable that the drawings should not contain any text or comments. In case they do, the English or Greek language should definitely be included. 
•The use of collage is prohibited.
•The drawings must be sent via e-mail.
•The drawings that the Artistic Committee will judge that have been copied from other cartoonists’ works will be disqualified.
•The drawings should not have been exhibited before.
•The drawings should not have offensive content. 
•A short CV, the e-mail address, Skype account (if available), and the postal address of each participant is required.
•All participating drawings may be exhibited in a touring exhibition in Greece or abroad. 
•The drawings should not have been published previously
•Drawings that do not correspond to above requirements will not be accepted, and the Cartoonist will be informed by e-mail
•They will be exhibited to 200 drawings to be evaluated by the Jury Committee 
•The prizes will be decided by the Jury Committee
•Eminent experts from the world of Letters and Arts will make up the Committee. 
•The drawings may be used in the advertising campaign of the exhibition. On no account should drawings or copies be sold. Commercial exploitation of part or the 
whole exhibition is prohibited. 
•Participating artists will not receive any kind of payment for their participation.
•Copyright of the exhibition belongs to the organizers.
•Participants will receive a digital catalogue of the exhibition.
•Participation in the exhibition implies full acceptance of all the above terms.
Submission Deadline: July 31st 
The drawings should be sent to the following e-mail address:
1st Prize: 5 days accommodation (nights) at Delphi Palace Hotel (4*) Delphi - Sponsor Iniohos Kaltsis SA Travel tickets and nutrition are not included
2nd Prize: 3 days accommodation (nights) at Delphi Palace Hotel (4*) Delphi - Sponsor Iniohos Kaltsis SA Travel tickets and nutrition are not included
3rd Prize: Album of works by expressionist Painter George Bouzianis (in English or Greek language) edition of the Benaki Museum
4th Prize: Book or CD
5th Prize: Book or CD
Visitor’s award: Book or CD
They also awarded 10 Praises 
All participants whose works will be exhibited will receive a Digital Certificate of Participation.
The Organizing Committee

5 Haziran 2018 17:18 / Ymitos

23° Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda - Argentina 1 August 2018 @

Regulation: The Cartoon contest is open to professional and amateur cartoonists and illustrators sending 1 to 3 works with the theme TANGO. 
1 - Dates: Art Selection: August 1th 
Awards: September 21th, 19 hs. 
2 - Categories: Cartoon (graphic humor) , Caricature (graphic humor that expresses the physical and/or personality character known), illustration + Special Prize to the artwork most voted by the public. 
3 - Theme: TANGO 4 - Requirements: The graphicl tehnique is free. The entry form or a word document with the artist name, address, telephone, e-mail, website and a small biography. Each artist may enter with a maximum of 03 works per category in a size that no exceed 30x40 cm., digitalized in 300 DPI in JPG format. The works should be sent by e-mail to this e-mail addresses: – 
5 - Prizes: The Big Prize Diogenes Taborda 2018 will win a personal exhibition exclusive about him the Night of the Museums of Buenos Aires 2019 (the most popular day of the argentinean museums) and a colective exhibition the other 3 awarded artists in the 3 categories during the next year to be realized in the Cartoon Museum Diogenes Taborda, the day of the cartoon . Also will be edited a postcard in 10x15 cm with 4 colors. 1.000 copies and a diploma will be sent to the awarded artists. 
6 - Jury: Featured artists and personalities of the Tango, historians, Graphic Humorists and directors of Museums
7 - Additional information: A simple application requires the artist to acceptance of these regulations. The artists selected tranfer automatically authorial rights of his artworks for reproductions in any media, without restriction, aiming to promote the event; and allows to the Cartoon Museum Diógenes Taborda to use this artwork in any other exhibitions.
Director Jorge Omar Volpe Stessens
Museo de Humor Grafico Diogenes Taborda 
facebook     museodiogenestaborda     volpestessens

3 Haziran 2018 21:36 / Jorge Omar Volpe Stessens

14.International Cartoon Festival solin 2018

Croatia 15 august 2018 P

1.Participation.The organizer of 14th International festival of cartoon Solin 2018.Is the city Solin.The festival is opened for everyone regardless of nationality, age,sex, or profesion.
2.Theme: FREE
3.Entries:Conditions of entry:
1. All entries must be original cartoons. Framed works,also,will not be accepted.
2. Entries can be either black and white or colored.
3. There should be the name, surname and the address on the reverse side of cartoons.
4. Maximum 5 entries will be submitted.
5. Maximum size of entries is A3 format (40x30cm)
4.DEADLINE:Entry deadline is the 15. august. 2018. Please write ; PRINTED MATTER- NO VALUE:
14.International Cartoon Festival solin 2018
Kralja Zvonimira 50,
21210 Solin, CROATIA
6.Prize and awards:
3.TOURIST OFFICE-Plaque and diploma
7.Exhibition:The exhibition will take place in the galery of the culture home „ZVONIMIR“ Solin on the 30.08.2018.
8.Other Conditions:The works will be returned only on the special reqest of an autor.The postage EUR5 will be paid by autor. The organizer reserves the right to reproduce the works sent to the festival, Solin 2018, as the advertising material without being obliged to pay a fee to an author whose work may be used.The prize-winning works become property of the organizer.
President 14.International Cartoon Festival solin 2018
Cartoonist-designer MARKO IVIC 

5 Haziran 2018 09:32 / Marko Ivic

Similar Cartoons  Benzer Karikatürler

International Caricature Festival
Colombia 31 July 2018 @

A call for the caricaturists all over the world International Caricature Festival Colombia, South America, August 2018 
The water has memory In Colombia, South American country, has grown up the intention to protect the paramos (a unique ecosystem in the region), and the water as the most higher manifestation of nature and the life. 
One of the main worries is the advance of the mega-mining over the territory as synonym of obliteration, expulsion, rupture of social structures, insecure and difficulty for food safety. The most alarming is the threat against the life itself, in consequence of the destruction of the paramos, principal ecosystem that produces water. 
Multiples expressions for the advocacy of the water have been done in different dimensions like the legal, social, technic, artistic, etc. But we believe that ones are not enough for the importance that has the water and the preservation of the environment. We consider it is necessary to make visible constantly, our position against the mining projects in paramos zones, with a socially organized activity that involves creativity and assertiveness, to create awareness about the true values of the Mother Earth. 
Therefore, from the caricature art, we want to join efforts and voices. In the advocacy of our territory, rivers, lakes, and paramos that are slowly being destroying with mega-mining activities. 
Invitation To participate in the INTERNATIONAL CARICATURE FESTIVAL: THE WATER HAS MEMORY, that will take place between 23 and 26 of August in Bucaramanga city, ubicated in the department of Santander, Colombia. 
Terms and conditions to participate 
1)The call is for all the caricaturists all over the world. 
2)The issue is: The water has memory. 
3)Each participant can send maximum three (3) works. 
4)The technique is free 
5)The format to present the work is: A4 jpg (21X29,7) (300 dpi) 
6)You can participate with works that have been awarded or published. 
7)Each work must be accompanied by the following information: 
•Name and last name. 
•Original Country 
8)By submitting the work means that you accept the participation and authorize the organizing committee of the event, for the publication of your work in print and/or electronic media. 
9)The organizing committee reserves the right not to exhibit works that attempt against an individual or collective rights. 
10)The event has a deep sense of solidarity in defense of the páramos and water and is carried out nonprofit. 
11)All caricaturists will receive a certificate of participation. 
12)The three (3) best works will be chosen and their authors will receive a diploma of excellence. 
13)The work will be sent to the following e-mail: 
The deadline for the reception of the workis is until: July 31 of 2018 

23 Mayıs 2018 23:00 / Arles Herrera

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