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Kemal Sunal'sız 22 Yıl...

11 Kasım 1944 - 3 Temmuz 2000
Ölümünün yıl dönümünde, Kemal Sunal'ı rahmet ve saygıyla anıyoruz...

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Oleksiy Kustovsky

İsmail Kar

Galym Boranbayev

Alexander Dubovsky

Musa Kayra


Oleksiy Kustovsky

Vladimir Kazanevsky

Oleh Small

Allah Rahmet Etsin...Her hareketi ders niteliğinde büyük usta...

Olense Kartoenale 2022 Online...

Hello cartoonist,
www.olensekartoenale.be is back online!
You can find the entryform for participating the contest ‘Olense Kartoenale’ on www.olensekartoenale.be where you can also upload your works. The deadline is 12 September at 12.00 AM midnight.
Please do not send your entries to kartoenale@olen.be as they will not be accepted.
The main theme is ‘The afterlive’. This year Amnesty International offers a special prize for the best cartoon with the theme ‘Right to free speech’. The regulation you can also consult at www.olensekartoenale.be.
Good luck!
Best regards,
Hilde Driesmans, culture and tourism coordinator
Local government Olen, 014 27 94 21, www.olen.be 
Beste cartoonist,
‎‎Merhaba karikatürist,‎
‎www.olensekartoenale.be‎‎ tekrar çevrimiçi! ‎
‎'Olense Kartoenale' yarışmasına katılmak için giriş formunu ‎‎www.olensekartoenale.be‎‎ adresinde bulabilirsiniz. Son başvuru tarihi 12 Eylül saat 12.00 gece yarısıdır.‎
‎Lütfen girişlerinizi kabul edilmeyeceğinden ‎‎ kartoenale@olen.be‎‎ göndermeyin.‎
‎Ana tema '‎‎The afterlive'‎‎. Uluslararası Af Örgütü bu yıl '‎‎İfade özgürlüğü hakkı'‎‎ temalı en iyi karikatür dalında özel bir ödül sunuyor. Yönetmelik ‎‎ www.olensekartoenale.be‎‎ de danışabilirsiniz.‎
‎İyi şanslar!‎
‎Hilde Driesmans, kültür ve turizm koordinatörü‎
‎Yerel yönetim Olen, 014 27 94 21, ‎‎ www.olen.be‎ 

Dailly Güncel

Hossein Kazem


Uluslararası Karikatür Festivali için YARIŞMA AÇILIYOR - Ferizaj 2022 - Sekizinci Baskı
Saygıdeğer sanatçı arkadaşlarım, sanat severler! Uluslararası Karikatür Festivali - Ferizaj 2022 - Sekizinci Baskı başvuru bitimine kadar önümüzdeki günlerde facebook sayfamda karikatürle ilgili olanlar dışında başka paylaşım yapılmayacaktır!
HiTHi Karikatüristler Derneği bizi destekleyen tüm medyaya minnettardır, çünkü medya olmadan ne gerçek kültür kuruluşları ne de başka bir kuruluş olamaz. Kosova'nın Ferizaj şehrinde ve daha geniş yerlerde karikatür seviyesini yükseltmek için ilgilenen herkesin desteğini bekliyoruz.
Imri Musliu

There are less than 20 days left until the closing of the International Cartoon Competition Ferizaj 2022-Eighth Edition 
Deadline for submission of works July 10, 2022! 
Organizer of the 8TH EDITION OF INTERNATIONAL CARTOON FESTIVAL, FERIZAJ 2022 is the association of Cartoonists “HiTHi” – Ferizaj, Kosovo
All the cartoonists over the age of 18 from all over the world can participate, regardless of nationality, gender, color or profession. 
a) Persons with disabilities 
b) Cultural heritage
c) Free topics
We may not understand persons with disabilities, due to congenital health problems or caused by an accident. This is so, more because of our lack of knowledge of this category of people, than the disregard for them. 
This time, through cartoons, to give education messages to all of us, that this category of people have some physical disability or something else, while in other areas they can be very useful for society and by being active they do good to themselves and society. 
Cartoonist are those who give messages without words, but they ring like bells and warn those part of society who do not realize that they themselves are not unlimited. 
As an orientation, the following titles can serve:
- Persons with disabilities and traffic 
- Persons with disabilities and urbanism
- Persons with disabilities and society 
- Persons with disabilities and social circles
- Persons with disabilities and sports, etc. 
1. Digital works of art with the author’s signature are accepted in A4 format, in JPG with 300 dpi, in various techniques, in color or black and white.
2. Cartoons that have been awarded in previous and other festivals are excluded. 
3. A maximum of 5 works (cartoons) can be submitted for each topic.
4. The author must send a photograph, a short CV, phone number, exact address of residence and email address.
E. DEADLINE: The deadline for submission of works is …2022
F. ADDRESS: Cartoonists Association “HiTHi”
Cultural Center, St. Ramadan Rexhepi no number
70000 Ferizaj
Email address: hithi.kosova@gmail.com 
First Prize: Gold HiTHi plaque and monetary value 300 euros
Second Prize: Silver HiTHi plaque and monetary value 200 euros
Third Prize: Bronze Hithi plaque and monetary values 100 euros
Five special awards: Diplomas
a) Only artists who submit cartoons on the subject “Persons with disabilities” will be awarded cash prizes
The exhibition will be opened in the City Square in Ferizaj or in the Art Gallery in Ferizaj on 20….2022 at 18:00!
Authors who qualify for the exhibition will receive digital certificates for high artistic value, while other participants will be awarded certificates for participation. 
Only the exhibitors will be included in the printed catalog, while all the competitors will be included in the digital catalog. 
The organizers reserves the right to reproduce the works submitted to the 8th Edition of International Cartoon Festival Ferizaj 2022 and their advertising without having to pay a fee to the authors, whose work can be used for the mentioned purposes.
Honorary guest of the 8th Edition of International Cartoon Festival Ferizaj 2022, will be the veteran of the Albanian Cartoon, Mr. Bujar Kapexhiu, who will be presented with 20 cartoons, out of competition. 
J: We kindly welcome you in Ferizaj, a city that has three features that other cities do not have.
1. Ferizaj is a city with the year of foundation 1873, when it was born together with the Vienna-Thessaloniki railway.
2. Ferizaj immediately became a city, without previously being an inhabited place.
3. In Ferizaj is located the Bifurcation of Nerodima, a special phenomenon, where the river divides into two branches and never joins. The right branch joins the Lepenc River, Vardar and flows into the Aegean Sea, while the left branch joins the Morava River, Danube and flows into the Black Sea.
Let the cartoon serve as a bridge of cooperation between peoples even when there are meaningless conflicts and bloodshed in the world, but the cartoon breaks through borders with virtual exhibitions and penetrates where it is intended. 
Imri Musliu, executive director of CA “HiThi” Ferizaj, phone: +38344224586; email: imrimusliu@hotmai.com 
1. Agenda... 2022, afternoon... Arrival of guests and their accomodation at the hotel
2. Agenda ... 2022
9:00 – 10:00 visit to the Tourist Complex “Bifurcation” in Ferizaj
10:00-10:30 coffee break
10:30 – 11:00 trip to Gadime village of Lipjan
11:00 – 12:30 visit to Gadime Cave
12:30 - 13:30 lunch break
13:30 – 14:30 going to Prishtina
14:30 – 16:00 visit to a cartoonist’s studio
16:00 – 17:00 return to Ferizaj
17:00 – 18:00, break
18:00 opening of the exhibtion
19:00 dinner, and after dinner guests will be entertained by rock singers Veli Sahiti and Osman Shehu

Dailly Güncel

Jitet Koestana

International Cartoon Contest and Exhibition- NORWAY 2022.
“Refuse To Stay Silent: Stop Violence against Women Worldwide".
The shortlist of selected cartoonists:

Thank you!Good luck to all!.
Best regards,Fadi Abou Hassan- FadiToOn.coordinator and organizer of Competition.

Dailly Güncel

Shahid Atiq

Uğur Pamuk


Vladimir Kazanevsky

6th "BEAVERS LAUGH" Bobritsa Village Cartoon Competition Ukraine 1 July 2022 

The is open to all graphic artists, who can enter works that have not been awarded until the closing date of the entries, in the cartoon, caricature and comics modalities (the comic strip should have only one page).
The official opening of the Exhibition will take place on 10 September 2022, with the announcement of the winners of the contest.
Each artist can enroll with the maximum of five (5) UNPUBLISHED works in the preferable format 30x40 cm (А4 minimum) and using any technique. On the back of each drawing, or in registration you must provide the author's full name, address (with ZIP code), email, phone number.
The artists can participate by sending their work:
(a) by email: beaverslaugh@yahoo.com (with maximum size of 10 megabytes of each artwork sent separately or 10 megabytes for all artworks) or (b) by post or courier mail: Bobritsa Cartoon Competition 27 Naberezhaya Street,Bobritsa, Buchansky District, Kiev Region, 08142,UKRAINE
2 – MAIN THEME & BEAVERS THEME: The main theme of the 6th Bobritsa Cartoon Competition is TEA-TIME / TEA-DRINKING.
Although the name of the contest is BEAVERS LAUGH (in Ukrainian language the name of the village Bobritsa originates from "beaver"), this does NOT mean that the artworks should be only about beavers. First of all, they should be original, smart and funny, so, please, do not restrict yourself to beavers as heroes!
Meantime, apart to the main theme of the contest we have our SPECIAL BEAVER AWARD for all «beavers» artworks as well!
3 – Awards:
First prize for the main theme: euro 500 (five hundred).
Second prize for the main theme: euro 300 (three hundred).
Third prize for the main theme: euro 200 (two hundred).
Appreciation awards (2): euro 100 (one hundred) each.
Special BEAVER AWARD (awarded for artworks where BEAVERS are the heroes regardless if they «fit» the main theme): euro 300 (three hundred).
4 – OTHER RULES: Before the official announcement of the winners by the Jury, the organizers reserve the right to publish electronic copies of the preliminary selected artworks (from which the Jury will make its final selection) in the internet with the purpose to determine with the help of the public if any of submitted artwork repeats or copies previously published cartoons.
By sending his / her artwork to the contest the author gives to the organizers his / her permission to display publicly the artwork during the award ceremony as well as to publish it electronically on the official sites / pages of the contest in the internet or in other electronic and print media in connection with the promotion of the contest, advertisement and news / reports publishing. If you are not agree with this you should not send your artwork to us.
The awarded artworks will be considered acquisitive and will become part the property of the organizers, and all winning artist assign their copyright and property rights worldwide to the organizers from the date when their artworks were submitted.
The works will not be returned.
May not participate in this competition officials of Bobritsa village community, the Jury, their relatives and anyone involved in the organization.
The award cash amounts are payable only upon the receipt of the original artworks by the organizers of the Competition to the personal bank accounts (IBAN or another appropriate bank account number, full name of the bank, bank code (BIC / SWIFT), correspondent bank’s name and account (for non-EU banks)) of the winners provided in writing (email) along with copies of their passports / IDs (if required by our bank).
The organizers have full discretion to decline any submission before the Jury's consideration and to revoke / cancel any prize awarded by the Jury in case of confirmed facts of plagiarism, repetition of the plot etc.
By sending your artwork to the organizers you (participant) confirm his/her full agreement to all terms above.
For any information, please, contact: beaverslaugh@yahoo.com

Oleksiy Kustovsky



Girne Belediyesi ile Kıbrıs Türk Karikatürcüler Derneği Tarafından, 21. Uluslararası Zeytin Festivali 2022 – Uluslararası Zeytin Mizah Şenliği Kapsamında Düzenlenen 11. Uluslararası Karikatür Yarışması Sonuçlandı...

Haberin detayı ve görseller için tıklayınız.../ detail for click here...>>

Semerkand'da Molla Nesreddin Heykeli

Dailly Güncel


Valery Momot

12th CAMP OF ARTS AND CRAFTS, BAJA (Hungary)2022

Call for artists! 2022
12th CAMP OF ARTS AND CRAFTS, BAJA (Hungary)2022
Organiser: Bajai EGYMI (Baja Educational Institute and Children’s Home), 6500 Baja, Barátság tér 18., Hungary 
Applicants: Artists and craftsmen
The project aims to: Establish and maintain effective and ongoing professional communication channels between domestic and international actors in contemporary art and design; promote and support international presence and integration of artists.
Application deadline: 1th August, 2022
Consideration date: 5st August, 2022
Candidates will be notified of the resultof evaluation. 
Duration of the project: 5 days
Camp begins: 22th August, 2022 (Monday)
Arrival: 21th August 2022 afternoon (Sunday)
Camp ends: 26th August 2022 (Friday)
Leave-taking: 27th August 2022 morning (Saturday)
Accomodation: Rooms for 2 persons 
Closing exhibition: 26th August 2022 (Friday) 
Participation fee: 35 Euro/5 days
The cost of traveling to the camp is borne by the participant.
This amount must be paid by everyone (even if the applicant will not stay until the end of the camp) for the bank account of Egyesült Út Foundation, under the following number: 
10402513-25115345- 00000000
The Organiser undertakes the following:
- Provides accommodation in the dormitory of Bajai EGYMI and half board (breakfast, dinner) for the artists during the time spanding in the camp.
- Organises an exhibition of finished artworks at the end of the camp and provides propaganda.
- Provides a place for art and makes advices for other places, that inspire the artists.
- Advises shops to buy needed equipments.
The applicant undertakes the following:
- Arrives on the first day of the camp.
- Participates on the closing exhibition and at the subsequent closing gala exhibition.
- Creates works of art during the camp, from those must be offered 1 large or 2 small works.
- Brings the materials.
- Solves the transportation individually to the programs and other places that can be visited facultatively.
Some thoughts about Baja:
Baja is one of the most distinctive cities of the Hungarian section of Danube water. This charming little town was built at the coast o the Danube and Sugovica backwater, so water plays a key role in the city’s life.
Inspiration about Baja: 
The nearby forested areas of Gemenc are amongst the most beautiful natural landscapes of our country with their protected flora and fauna. Baja is a major transportation hub due to its bridge and river port. The surrounding area’s natural attractions include the exceptionally beautiful and lush lakeside scenery of the Danube, the Sugovica and the forests of Gemenc.
The surrounding natural environment and built values give Baja a special atmosphere. This small town gives a Mediterranean atmosphere due to its climate, the proximity of water, the architecture and to is inhabitants. Many exhibitions, museums, galleries present the city’s history, cultural values and lives of the locals.
István Kelemen
Application form
Art category:
Place and date of birth:
Telephone number:
Other special claims (ex.: eating, allergies, handicap, etc.):
Required attachments:
 a short introduction about the artist himself and his career;
 4 – 5 photographs or website link about the arts, made by the artist.
Please, send the completed forms to the mail address below, untill the 1 th 08. 2022.
Please, contact us in the case you have any question:
István Kelemen - grafikuskelemen@gmail.com
After the application, we will send a feedback till 5st 08. 2022 to the given e-mail address.

Dailly Güncel

Mustafa Eremektar (Mıstık)

Climate Change 19 August 2022

Merhaba'da yeni yıl gecesi ,
Art On Climate yarışmasına katılmak için 19 Ağustos'a kadar vaktiniz var.
tasarımlarınızı şu adrese gönderin: www.artonclimate.com/fr
53 ödül kapmak için!
Yani, kalemlerinizi alın!
Ve iyi şanslar

Vous avez jusqu'au 19 août pour participer au concours Art On Climate. 
envoyez vos dessins à : www.artonclimate.com/fr
53 prix sont à gagner !
Alors, à vos crayons !
Et bonne chance
Theme : Climate Change
CALL FOR ENTRIES 20 June - 19 August 2022
REGISTER & UPLOAD ARTWORK NOW :https://www.artonclimate.com/en/register
Tackle Climate Change with Creativity
Global warming and climate change is one of the biggest and most urgent challenges facing the world today. It is not just governments and business sectors that have a role to play in meeting this challenge. Every one of us can contribute. How we live our lives now, and the daily choices we make, can make a real difference to the future of our climate.
The "Art on Climate" International Illustration Competition is inviting illustrators from across the world to create artworks that address the theme of climate change. Its goal is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and solutions to tackle climate change, and to inspire the public to make meaningful changes in its lifestyle in response to this global challenge.
Eligibility: any person aged 18 or above*, from any location, is eligible to participate.
*Aged 18 or above on 19 June 2022
Competition Details:
Organised by Fingertips Company Limited and sponsored by Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), “Art on Climate” is an international illustration competition held right across the world that aims to bring greater visibility to the issue of action against climate change.
The competition was first launched in Spain in 2019, and extended its footprint to the Asia-Pacific region in 2021, attracting over 1,300 artworks from more than 1,000 illustrators. In 2022, the competition’s footprint has been expanded to cover more regions, including various European countries, the US and more countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The competition provides a platform for illustrators and students to showcase their talents and skills.
AllianzGI, a leading asset manager in the development of sustainable investment, is committed to limiting global warming and ensuring a smooth transition to a low-carbon future. The 2022 competition aims to bring greater visibility to the issue of climate change, thereby contributing to achieving the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement. The initiative responds to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals^ (SDGs) Goal 13: Climate Action – “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”.
^Source: United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals; 2022.
Theme of the Competition:
Participants are invited to submit original works on the theme of "climate change". Participants should use one or more of the statements below as a starting point for their work:
1-Change your lifestyle to make a real difference:
As fellow citizens of the Earth, we all have a responsibility to tackle climate change. By embracing lifestyle choices that are less harmful to the environment, we can all be part of the solution. For example, to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, use electric transportation. Where possible, walk or ride a bike instead of driving. Reduce your household's energy use by, for instance, switching to LED lighting and more energy-efficient electrical appliances.
2-Preserve our world for the next generation:
Climate change is a global crisis that goes beyond borders. It requires cooperation at all levels across the world, among individuals, businesses and governments. The actions we take now will determine what the world will look like in the future. If all of us come together to tackle climate change, it's not too late for us to make a difference and build a safer world for everyone, especially our future generations.
3-Tell others what you are doing to magnify your impact:
Telling your friends and family what you are doing to reduce emissions is one of the most important things you can do to fight climate change. Use your voice as a consumer, a customer and a voter to magnify the impact of your words and make businesses and the authorities more aware of the importance of climate issues.
4-Be optimistic about climate action:
There is hope in the fight against climate change as more people and organisations are making climate change a priority. More and more young people are now stepping up and taking leadership roles, driving change, and urging everyone to take meaningful climate action. Other good news includes the fact that the use of electric transportation is accelerating around the world, while the cost of renewable energy is falling continuously.
5-Take meaningful climate action to create social, economic and ecological benefits for everyone:
Building an eco-friendly world is a big challenge, but it can also bring significant benefits. It can help us rein in the runaway costs of climate change, create more green jobs, make our air and water cleaner, improve public health, preserve ecosystems and different animal and plant species, and build a more inclusive and prosperous world economy for all.
Important Dates:
Register and upload artwork: from 20 June 2022 to 19 August 2022, both days inclusive
Results announcement: winners will be notified by email, and results will be announced on this page by 30 September 2022
Artwork Specifications:
Must be original works relevant to the theme of the competition and submitted by participants on an individual basis.
Each participant may submit up to a maximum of three artworks.
The submitted artwork(s) must not have been previously published or previously used for any other purpose.
Can be in any medium (for example, painting, computer software, mixed media), but the result must be a flat image and created in colour. Clip art is not allowed.
Should be in A3 size (297mm x 420mm), in either horizontal or vertical format.
Must be uploaded in JPG format, with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi, and the total size of each entry should be no more than 10MB.
Each artwork should be accompanied by a short description (minimum 30 words, maximum 100 words).
Click here and visit the judging panel page: https://www.artonclimate.com/en/judge-panel

Dailly Güncel

Hayati Boyacıoğlu

17 Haziran 2010 Tarihinde Kaybettiğimiz Zoran Matic Mazos'ü Saygıyla Anıyoruz...

Writing- poet, Satiric, Cartoonist, Designer Zoran Matic Mazos Died...17 June 2010
Sırbistan'lı karikatürcü Zoran Matic Mazos Öldü...17 Haziran 2010
Şair,yazar,karikatürcü,tasarımcı meslekdaşım,arkadaşım,1960 yılında Sırbistan'da doğan Zoran Matic Mazos 17 Haziran 2010 sabah 03:15 saatlerinde rahatsızlanarak kaldırıldığı hastanede vefat etmiştir. Bosna'lı sanatçı arkadaşımız Sabahudin Hadzialic'in haberi dün mail kutumuza geldiğinde inanamadık.Haberin teyidi için bekledik ancak maalesef ki üzücü haber doğru çıkmıştır.Bir süre önce Kiks magazine in düzenlediği karikatür yarışmasında birlikte jüri görevi üstlendiğim ve devamlı olarak haberleştiğimiz sevgili meslekdaşım Zoran'ı kaybettik...
Kendisine Allah'tan rahmet diliyoruz.Güle güle kardeşim... İsmailkar Karcomics Magazine
Respectable friends, colleguaes, associates,
This morning, June 17th, 2010, on 3:15 a.m. in the Hospital in Paracin, Serbia has passed away my dear friend, colleague, brot...her (not only through writing- poet, satiric, cartoonist, designer) ZORAN MATIC MAZOS...R.I.P...��
Yesterday we have spoken through the telephone around 1 p.m., through exchanging information about planned activities, but his health condition aggravated during afternoon hours.
As Deputy editor in chief of ZIKISON, I would like kindly to ask you to keep the dignity and honor with the respect for the late MAZOS, by respecting the certain period of time until I prepared everything for the continuance of the work and activities of the projects which we have jointly shaped and worked on, Mazos and me.
I hope that I, with your help, also succeed in that.
God rest his soul.
Zamjenik gl.i odg.urednika(/Deputy Editor in chief Sabahudin Hadzialic
Književnik i freelance novinar/Writer and freelance journalist
Zoran Matic Mazos - Serbia: He was born in 1960. He lives in Paracin, Serbia. Graphic designer is, deals with the Web design, features and comics, cartoons, illustrations and animations. He published the cartoons and comics in the country and the world. Participant is more festivals and Salon. He had four individual exhibitions cartoons and short strip. By prose, poetry and deals with the spoof and political satira. For his work was rewarded several times and has published three books...
17 Haziran 2010 10:34 / Sabahudin Hadzialic
I can't not believe Zoran is gone. I'm very sad.
He will be missed, he wa a caring friend with a big heart and he shared his passion with all of us.
Rest in Peace dear Zoran, you won't be forgotten my friend.
All my condolences to his family and relatives.
Ben Heine 17 Haziran 2010 20:54

Dailly Güncel

Valentyn Bezruk

Cannes Cartoons for Brazil Exhibition 2022


Dailly Güncel

Oleksiy Kustovsky

The International Cartoon Contest and Exhibition - NORWAY 2022

Detail for click here....>>

Dailly Güncel

Hule Hanusic

Vasco Gargalo

Vladimir Kazanevsky


Istven Kelemen

Ed Hall

Alexander Dubrovsky

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Delidolu Mayıs 2012
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Artefacto issue/no:63
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