Yıldırım Municipality International Cartoon Contest

"Being Human" Türkiye 01 September 2017

No matter if we call it “modern” or “postmodern” we are passing through in such an era inwhich we frequently question our humanity. We are no more sure about what actually it does mean to be a human being. Do we really behave as one? We are trying to find an answer to that question from the point of the artistic perspective. 
Theme: Being Human Being 
The contest welcomes both professional and amateur cartoonist of all countries. The jury will gather between 02-10 September 2017. The date of award ceremony of the International Cartoon Contest will be announced by Yıldırım Municipality.
1. Cartoonists who will participate in the contest may participate with max. 5 cartoons related to the theme. 
2. The contestant will send his/her work to yildirimcartoon@gmail.com with his/her contact information and resume. Contestants who pass the preliminary process will send or deliver the original of their work by mail, cargo or hand.
3. The works to be submitted should be in JPG format, maximum 5 MB, which will be 300 dpi at most and at A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) size. 
4. Contestants will send their short biographies, contact information and a photograph with their works to the address of Culture and Social Affairs of Yıldırım Municipality: Barış Manço Kültür Merkezi, Mimar Sinan Mh. Mimar Sinan Cd. Yıldırım-Bursa, TURKEY by filling in the participation form attached here to or published on the www.yildirim.bel.tr. 
5. The Yıldırım Municipality is not responsible for the loss of or any damage to the work in the period of postage and/or cargo. 
6. The recieved cartoons will not be returned. 
7. If the contestant’s cartoon (s) is/are awarded with degrees and / or prizes, the contestant accepts, agrees and declares that he/she licenses, permits and transfers to the Yıldırım Municipality the rights he/she has pursuant to articles 21 to 25 of the Turkish Intellectual and Artistic Works Law No. 5846 and equivalent articles of any other applicable law, such as processing, reproduction, dissemination, representation and signage, transmission to the public by audio and/or visual devices, usage, financial usage and transfer of the each to third parties without any restrictions on the number, place, duration and number He/she also accepts agrees and declares that the Yıldırım Municipality will have any usage rights including but not limited to exhibit such caricature (s), to keep them in archive, to publish them on the internet or in other forms and he/she expressly waives any rights he/she may have with respect to such caricature(s), agrees, accepts and declares that he/she will not act with third persons in relation to the transferred rights and for the caricature(s). The contestant may only use his / her work by making express reference to the award. 
8. The Yıldırım Municipality will cover the domestic travel and accommodation costs in Turkey of all awarded contestants to attend the award ceremony. The travel costs from other countries schould be covered by contestants.
9. The deadline for application to the contest is 01 September 2017 / Friday. 
10. Jury members and their relatives can not participate in the contest.
11. Yıldırım Municipality has the authority to decide whether the cartoons sent to the contest should be published in its web site. 
12. The contestants under age of 18 have to give also written permission of their parents. 
-Awards: First Prize 5.000 Turkish Lira, Second Prize 4.000 Turkish Lira, Third Prize 3.000 Turkish Lira, Success Awards 750 Turkish Lira (x 3) Encouragement Award (for under age of 18) 500 Turkish Lira 
-Jury Members: Onur Atagün, Zeki Bulut, Kemal Akkoç, Turgut Demir, İsmail Kar, Sadık Pala
-Coordinator: Yusuf Kocamaz
Adress: Barış Manço Kültür Merkezi, Mimar Sinan Mh. Mimar Sinan Cd. Yıldırım-Bursa, TURKEY
E-mail: yildirimcartoon@gmail.com
Web: www.yildirim.bel.tr

Aplication form