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TOMISLAV DUSANIC - TOD a Croat, was born on July 9th, 1957 in Tvrdavica, and has lived in Osijek since 1965. He decided to become a cartoonist. In absence of toys, he has become a self-educated painter. It took about twenty years of scratching and harmless drawing for him to become an exhibitor on a group show and to show up in public in 1978. Since then his drawings have been shown on about thirty group shows in the area of Slavonija and Baranja
His education brought him into unusual waters intended for the qualified sailor on sea and river ships, and he has circumnavigated a part of world, i.e. the Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and the Drava Dunav and Sava Rivers. He lives and works in Osijek, and he is continuously publishing his cartoons in all prominent Croatian newspaper.
Chronology of published cartoons
His first cartoons were published in 1986. He has been a member of Croatian Association of Cartoonists and (FECQ) since 1989, and since then he has participated in numerous local and international festivals,and cartoon exhibitions. He made some illustrations for posters and publications (e.g. 
Health Service Institute), and organised a few group shows in which he himself took part too.
Acknowledgements: Acknowledgement of Croatian Association of cartoonists for the organisation of anti-war exhibition (exhibited in September 1991 in Osijek), acknowledgement of Military-sports Association "Kuna" for the visual identity of the Association, the Letter of Thanks from the Osijek branch of HVJDR-a Association for organising the exhibition of cartoons and for about twenty donated works in 1994, and the silver medallion "Ancona" (Italy, 1993).
One-man shows
He has 29 independant Cartoon shows so far, two of them in Germany, Bamberg and Nurnberg.
One-man shows and organisation of group shows

   - Blood transfusion of Osijek (the Museum ofSlavonija), 1990
- ~ko1jka (next to the CA centre), Protest of Mothers, 1991
- Exhibition "The war in Croatia" (Osijek Subway), 1991
- Exhibitions abroad "Cartoons for the Rehabilitation of the Church", donation of 50 works to the reverend Andrija Vtbanié for the rehabilitation of the Saint Rozalija Church in Ivanovac, 1992
- Short History of the War in Croatia, CA Centre of Dakovo, 1996
- Short History of the War in Croatia, "Isidor Krsnjavi" Museum ofNasice, 1997
- Short History of the War in Croatia, the Art Gallery "Kuna", CA Centre ofOsijek, 1997
International festivals of Cartoons
Since 1989 he has participated in about thirty festivals of cartoons in some European countries, and in Cuba, Japan and Korea.
Croatian Festivals and Exhibitions
Since 1989 he has participated in about fifty festivals and exhibitions of cartoons. In some towns he has participated in the exhibitions more then once.
International and Local Acknowledgements and Prizes Kopaonik (ex-Yugoslavia) - the Special Prize in 1990
Havana (Cuba) - Certificate in 1992
Istanbul (Turkey) - Medallion, 1993
Bjelovar (Croatia) - the Fifth Prize, 1996 Seoul (Korea) - the Special Prize, 1997
  Croatian: LEBENSLAUF
TOMISLAV DUSANIC - TOD, Kroate, am 9. Juli 1957 in Tvrdavica geboren, und seit 1965 lebt in Osijek. Er orientiert sich an Karikatur, Da er keine Spielzeuge hatte, wurde er em autodidaktischer Maler. Zwanzig Jahre sind vergangen, vom Gekritzel und harmlosen Zeichnen bis zur Gruppenausstellungen und gleichzeitig das erste offentliche Auftreten im Jahre 1978. Seit dem waren seine Graphiken auf dreissig Gruppenausstellungen in Slavonien und Baranja anwesend.
Als Seeman auf Meer und Flusssehifen, durchreiste er em Teil der Welt Adria, Mittelmeer, Rotesmeer, und die Flusse Drau, Donau, und Save. Er lebt und arbeitet in Osijek, und veroffentlicht kontinuiert die Karikaturen in alien wichtigeren kroatischen Zeitungen.
Chronologie der veroffentlichen werke
Die ersten Karikaturen wurden 1986 veroffenlicht. Er ist Mitglied des Kroatischen Karikaturvereins und (FECO) seit 1989, und seitdem hat er an zahlreichen National und Internationalfestivals und Karikaturaussteliungenteilgenommen. Er machte Iilustrationen fur Piakate und Publikationen (Z.B. Gesundheitsdienstanstalt), und veranstaltete mehrere Gruppenausstellungen, an denen er auch teilnamm.
Seine wichtigsten Anerkennungen sind: Anerkennung des Kroatischen Karikaturvereins fur die Karikaturausstellung mit dem Thema "Antikrieg" (veranstaltet im September 1991. in Osijek); Dankbrief des Militar und Sportvereins "Kuna"fur die visuele Identitat des Vereins;
Dankbrief der Zweiganstalt des HVIDRA Bundes fur die Veranstaltung der Karikaturausstellung und fur zwanzig geschenkte Karikaturen in 1994; Silberpiakette "Ancona" (Italien, 1993). -
Er hat 29 selbstandige Ausstellungen veranstaltet, und zwei von denen in Deutsehland, Bamberg and Nurnberg.
SelbstandigeAusstellungen undveranstaltung dergruppenausstéllungcn
- Bluttransfusion, Osijek (im slavonischen Museum), 1990
- Muschel (in der Nahe des Heims der 1(A), thema: Mutterprotest, 1991
- Aussteilung "Krieg in Kroatien (Unterfuhrung in Osijek), 1991
- Ausstellung im Ausland "Karikaturen fur die Kirehrestauration", 50 geschenkte Werke dem Priester Andrija Vrbanié fur Kirche "Sveta Rozalij a" in Ivanovac, 1992
- "Kurze Geschiehte des Heimatskriegs in Karikaturen", Heim der KA, Dakovo, 1996
- "Kurze Geschiehte des Heimatskriegs in Karikaturen", Heimatmuseum "Izidor Kr~njavi", Na~ice, 1997
- "Kurze gesehichte des Heimatskriegs in Karikaturen'1, Heim der KA, Galerie "Kuna", Osijek, 1997
Internationale Karikaturfestivals
Seit 1989 ~iamm er an dreissig Karikaturfestivais in vile europaisohen Landern, und Kuba, Japan und Korea teil.
Kroatische Peativals undAusstdllung
Seit 1989 namm er an funfzig Festivals und Ausstellungen teil. In einigen Stadten mehrmals.
Internationale und kroatische Anerkennugen und Preise Kopaonik (ehemalige SFRJ) - Spezialpreis, 1990
Havana (Kuba) -Diplom, 1992
Istambui (Turkei) -Plakette, 1993
Bjeiovar (Kroatien) - Funfter Preis, 1996 Seoul (Korea) - Spezialpreis, 1997 
"Tomek Woloszyn"Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 09:19:10 +0100 

Dear friends,
We are sorry to inform you that Tomislav Dusanic - Tod, our father and husband suddenly died today (24. 03. 2006.) from a heart failure.
The funeral service will be held on 27. 03. 2006. at Central cementary in Osijek at 15.20...Daughter Stela and wife Visnja Dusaniæ Who is Tomislav Dusanic clik: http://karcomics.8m.com/tod.html
Sevgili arkadaşım,vefakar,dostum Hirvat cizer Tod-Tomislav Dusanic 24.03.2006 tarihinde Osijek´teki evinde vefat etmiştir.
Kendisine tanrıdan rahmet,tüm sanatçı arkadaşlarımıza da başsağlığı dileriz.KARCOMİCS MAGAZİNE Tomislav hakkında bilinmesi gerekenler için tıklayınız: http://karcomics.8m.com/tod.html
Dear Stella and Friends,
in the behalf of the Karcomics Group ..I send my great apologies for the great loss of Tod ..
god bless him.
İsmail KAR/Karcomics Magazine - president




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"Tod"Date:Sun, 2 Mar 2003 23:22:15 +0100

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