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Argentina 1956. Beautiful Arts Graduate, Graphical Designer, Humorist and Caricaturist. Publishes from 1980 in magazines and periodícos, besides to participate in several exhibitions. 
Three publications show a selection of their works.
From 1989 it resides in Ourense, Spain. It publishes in magazines and Spanish and Portuguese newspapers. It participates in exhibitions and 
samples everywhere: Irán, Turquía, USA., Argentina, Portugal, Brasil, Cuba, Holanda, Bélgica, Francia, Eslovaquia, Japón, Korea, China, 
It obtained these distinctions last: Special prize The Sixth International 
Cartoon Contest 2000. Haifa. 
Israel, and Special prize 1º International Cartoon Competition. El Gouna. 
Red Sea. Egipto 2001. Cartoon Competition. China. 2002
  Omar Arturo Perez Sonzini was born in1956 in Vila Maria, Cordoba, Argentina. He is licensed in fine arts. From 1989 Omar resides in Ourense, Spain. He is a Graphical designer and drawing teacher. The talented artist is well known to the readers of many magazines such as: "Hortensia", "Impulso", "Xo!", "C.O.Balocesto", "Photoshop Newsletter", "Auria", "Cronica filatelica", "Paradores", "O Pimpolho", "Rio revuelto", 

   "O Farello", "Bronkit", "Raigame", "Campanin" etc. and also in newspapers like: "La Region", "The New of the Gulf", "La Voz de Galicia", "Jurnal de Noticias", "Trevim", "El Diario", "El Pais", "Diario 16", "Diario de Pontevedra", "Ourense Diario" and others.
  Vivo en Ourense, Galicia, España desde 1989. Soy argentino, cordobés, de Villa María. Licenciado en Bellas Artes, Diseñador Gráfico. 
He colaborador en Argentina, España y Portugal en gran cantidad de publicaciones (diarios, revistas). Siempre haciendo humor gráfico y caricaturas.
Actualmente trabajo como Diseñador Gráfico y Profesor de Plástica y Visual en Instituto.
Participo en todo tipo de muestras, exposiciones y fiestas de caricaturas en vivo. Es una gran experiencia estar con la gente en directo. Voy a Congresos, viajes, fiestas particulares, etc. Si te interesa, escríbeme
Alive in Ourense, Galicia, Spain from 1989. I am Argentine, Cordovan, of Villa Maria. Graduate in Beautiful Arts, Graphical Designer. 
There am collaborator in Argentina, Spain and Portugal in great amount of publications (daily, magazines). Always making humor and caricature.
At the moment work like Graphical Designer and Plastic and Visual Professor of in Institute.
I participate in all type of samples, exhibitions and celebrations of caricatures live. It is a great experience to be with people in direct. I go to particular Congresses, trips, celebrations, etc. If it interests to you, escríbeme



omar.perez@terra.es     or     cartoon@omarperez.org 

        www.omarperez.org      www.terra.es/personal2/omar.perez 

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