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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

First international cartoon contest MAIDAN / Ukraine 30 May 2014


First international cartoon contest MAIDAN / Ukraine 30 May 2014
Rules of contest
1. Organizers:
The organizers of First international cartoon contest MAIDAN are the newspaper "Gazeta po-ukrainski", the magazine "Kraina" and the website
2. Participation: All persons can participate in this international contest, regardless of nationality, age, gender or profession. Participants are agree to the terms and conditions and the decisions of the international jury.
3. Theme: Maidan (revolutionary square)
Who holds the power - the powers that be or the people? There have been cases in history when people had have to prove their power on the town squares. For instance, the popular assemblies (Viche) in the medieval cities Novgorod and Kyiv had gathered on the squares near the St. Sophia Church. There was a sign "Now we dance here" at the Place de la Bastille in Paris on the place of fortress ruined by the revolutionaries. Nowadays, people stand up for their rights on the town squares. Widely known places of the mass people actions are Tahrir Square in Cairo, Taksim Square in Istanbul, Bolotnaya Square in Moscow, Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Independence Square (Maidan) in Kyiv.
4. Entries: No more than 5 entries per person, black and white or colour. The cartoons must not contain text. Drawings can also be made digitally. Minimum size: 500 KB, maximum size: 3 MB. Format: A4, JPG. Please, send your full name, phone, post address and e-mail together with cartoons in attachment.
5. Deadline: 30.05.2014
6. Address:
Please, send your cartoons by e-mail:
7. Prizes: First prize - $1.000, Second Prize - $500, Third Prize - $300, Five special awards.
8. International jury: Volodimir Ruban - Editor in chief of newspaper "Gazeta po-ukrainski" and magazine "Kraina", Ukraine;
Odile Conseil - Associate Editor of magazine Courrier International, France;
Cau Gomez - Brasil, Dmitro Skajenik - Ukraine, Marilena Nardi - Italy, Ivailo Tsvetkov - Bulgaria, Oleg Dergachov - Canada, Eray Őzbek - Turkey, Volodimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
9. The organizers reserve the right to publish the work submitted to the contest as an advertising material without being obliged to pay a fee to the author. All rights reserved by the authors of cartoons.
For further information please contact us:
*Dear artists, we are waiting for your works – as always witty, original, reflecting the author's independent ideas.

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