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Leng MU


Leng Mu, born on Nov 8,1966, is a Chinese professional cartoonist.Till now, he has published over 5,000 humorous paintings and cartoons in important newspapers and magazines of China. Some of them are among: Yangcheng Evening Post, Cartoon Monthly, Huasheng Monthly, Shengzheng Pictorial, New Bulletin, Shenzhen Metropolitan Weekly, Xinhua Digest, Yangtse Evening Post, Version, South City News, Cartoon World, Chinese Cartoon, Wuhan Evening Post, Xinming Evening Post, Haikou Evening Post, Chongqing Evening Post, Chinese Youth Daily, People's Daily, Comic World and so on. So far, over 100 works have been chosen to the exhibitions and won prizes in International Cartoon Contests. For example: Yugoslavia, Belgium, France, Croatia, Brazil, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, the U.S.A, Argentina, Canada, Slovenia, Macedonia, China Taiwan, Russia, Iran, Germany,Greece, and so on. Lately, he won the second place in 2002 International Cartoon Festival of . 
Rhodes(Greece) , and the 2nd Prize in International FECO Argentina Cartoon Exhibition and Contest. 


Leng MU 
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TEL: 0086-25-4203646



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