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Jayadev Babu SAJJA

Dr. Jayadev Babu Sajja
Creative Director, Colorchips India Ltd,
My job profile:
I am a conceptualizer, involved in thumbnails for storyboards, Scriptwriter, 2D animator, Cartoonist and Animation Director for 2D animation shorts.
My favourite color:
Blue. Closing ones eyes and imagining the color blue helps remove stress and enhances creativity.
My favourite holiday destination:The Kerala backwaters in India.
My idea of spending free time:Reading books and drawing cartoons.
My favourite websites:All websites associated with  Cartoonists besides those listed below. www.irancartoon.com   , www.fcwfcw.com  , www.iskoc.com 
My favourite cartoon characters:Charlie Brown.
My favourite artists and people who inspire me:Bapu (India) and Sergio Aragones (USA).
My type of music:Indian Karnatic music. Instrument - Flute.
Some useful tips:Observe from different points of view and angles to create something out of incongruity constantly. A scribble book enhances work skills.
My ambitions for the future:To emerge as a good role model for the younger generation in India, through the medium of animation.My message to the art community:Observe the dictum, ĎA day without an idea is a day lostí.


Dr.Jayadev Babu SAJJA
Creative Director, Colorchips India Ltd,
Hyderabad 33, INDİA


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