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Hanusic Husejin – HULE


Husein Hanusic, in the world of caricature better known as Hule, was born on March 16th 1953 in Bijeljina, Bosnia-Hercegowina. In 1972 he moved to Brcko, after finishing the school for teachers in his birthplace. He taught at the schools in Brcko and Bosanska Bijela. From 1987-1992 he worked as illustrator, caricaturist and technical editor of the local newspaper “Graditelj”, and was a member of the journalists association of Bosnia-Hercegowina. 
His drawings appeared on the pages of Vecernje Novosti, Politika Express, Jez, Nasi Dani RTV Revija, Studio, Front Slobode, Mladost, Male novine, 
Glas, 4.juli, Novosti osam, and many other famous newspapers and magazines. He participated in many caricature competitions in former Yugoslavia – Zagreb, Zenica, Belgrade, Koprivnica, Paracin, Kragujevac, Zajecar, Slavonski Brod, as well as abroad – Munich, Montreal, Ankara, Istanbul, Gabrovo, Vienna, Berlin, and received many awards. His works were exhibited on six exhibitions of his own, (in Brcko, Bijeljina, Vienna and Berlin) and on many other. 
He lives in Vienna since 1992,where he works at the Academy of Arts. For some time he cooperated with a famous Austrian newspaper Die Presse. He is a member of the Croatian caricature association. 


Hanusic Husejin – HULE
Fahrbachgasse 19/3/15 1210 WIEN AUSTRIA ( ÖSTERREICH)

hulebrcko@yaho.de     www.hule.brcko.org 

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