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   In one of the cold inters of 1994, after receiving at invitation card from Golagha association, I walk into a building in Argentina street. At that time I am only 17. that there is a formal beginning of my career as a cartoonist.
After passing 3 years and going up from success ladder in December 1997 I was accepted by Jameah newspaper (Society newspaper). The first open newspaper in Iran. This newspaper closed. After that I go to Neshat and then Asre Azadegan and in 1999 I was in charge of planning and cartoon department of Mosharekat newspaper.
As well I work for Aftabe Emrooz newspaper too. 
I myself which very keen on cartoon as a special art, was born in winter 1977. After getting my Diploma I resume my education at university in painting for growing up my eagerness in cartoon.
After banning the Mosharekat newspaper, I work for Asre ma weekly which is so political. While the Norooz newspaper published I gain my position as the editor of the planning and cartoon department.
In this year I start to collect my first book which is called “the Literature of Iranian cartoons in reform period.” Now it is under painting. In 2002 I work with rhetorical weekly “Tabarestan Sabz”. In 2003 after publishing of 50 issues of it I start with it.
As my second long term work I start to collect my works that I hope I can publish it this year.
The award of second place in student press festival. 
Cartoon judge in the third student press festival. 
Member of International Federation of Journalists 

  The on of he founders of Persitoons group and the member of : www.presitoons.com 


Hadi@Haditoons.com     hadiheidari2000@yahoo.com 


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