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Goran KLJAJIC-Bosnia and Hercegovina

  Not a professional cartoonist, but sometimes draw cartoons, different illustrations and some imaginations.
Known as writter, especially satire. Because my satire is sharp, and not popular within the editors, I established magazine for satire, humour and cartoons "Nosorog" (means: "Rhinoceros"). Now, looking to included text and cartoons, in this moment, is the best edition of that tipe on ex-Yugoslavia area. Also established web-site of "Nosorog".
Now, maybe I am one of best Serb's satiric writters, but dont think aboutthis word seriosly, because any Serb "is the best"! So, we the best nation,
in our opinion, but somethimes converted our mind, and think that we are the worst nation on World. 
Looking my cartoons,as I say, I draw sporadicaly, when I have time, or idea, or will. But I published them in ten, or more dailies or magazines.

  Not constantly, sometimes.
Now living in town Banja Luka (changed few towns in my life). I am quite sure that anyone do not want to coresponde with me, but if, the best is on
"Nosorog" adress:


Magazine "Nosorog"
Cara Dusana 4
78000 Banja Luka
Republica Srpska
Bosnia and Hercegovina


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