The International Festival humorous magazine Tapir / Czechia 30 April - Nisan 2019 @

Obligatory topic: HEALTHCARE
1- We only accept cartoon jokes on the given topic
2- The total number of jokes - cartoon from one author must be minumum 3 pcs and maximum 5 pcs
3- The jokes can not be awarded once again from other competitions
4- Preferred are jokes without words
5- Jokes - cartoons are sent only electronically to e-mail:
6- Deadline:  30 April 2019
7- The technical parameters should be as follows: minimum 300 DPI; JPG-, PNG- or PDF-format
8) By sending jokes he agrees that: 
* The organizer may use the jokes to promote the event 
* The jokes can be used in the humorous tapir magazine
Accommodation : The exhibiting authors have free accommodation. 
Accommodation is only available from 12.7. till 14.7.2019 
We provide accommodation for up to two persons, ie author and one escort. 
If you need more housing, you have to make sure you do it yourself. An exception is small children. If the author and his children arrive, we will arrange accommodation for them as well. 
Binding Reservation by 30 April 2019 at latest by e-mail:
Award winning works:
1. Prize: 15.000 CZK 
2. Prize: 10.000 CZK 
3. Prize: 5.000 CZK