1st Concurso de Caricatura Competition / Brazil 23 January - Ocak to 20 February - Şubat 2019 @

ART. 1║ - The Competition:
1.1. The "1st Caricatures Contest of the Arts of March", edition 2019, is a contest, promoted by TERESINA ADMINISTRATOR OF SHOPPING CENTERS LTDA, hereinafter referred to simply as "PROMOTER", which will take place in the
23/01/2019 to 03/29/2019, with the Theme: "JOVEM GUARDA". The contest is a competition between the "PARTICIPANTS", duly written in accordance with the terms of this Regulation.
First Paragraph: Caricature - graphic humor that expresses the physical and / or character of known personalities;
Second Paragraph: The Young Guard - was a Brazilian cultural movement that manifested itself in the mid-1960s, mixing music, behavior, and
fashion. Appeared in August of 1965, from a television program shown by TV Record, in SŃo Paulo, presented by the singers Roberto Carlos, Erasmo Carlos and WanderlÚa. The Young Guard gave birth to a whole new musical language and behavior in Brazil. Her joy and relaxation made her one of the
major national phenomena of the twentieth century. The Young Guard became the first musical movement in the country that put Brazilian music in tune with the phenomenon international rock band of the time, specially catalyzed by the Beatles.
1.2. For purposes of interpretation of this Regulation, it is called PROMOTORA, TERESINA ADMINISTRATOR OF SHOPPING CENTERS LTDA, responsible for development of the Project, activities, planning and realization of the "1st Caricatures Contest of the Arts of March "; and PARTICIPANT (s), professionals and amateurs, with works that have not been awarded in other graphic events until the
the date of closure of the entries, and after fulfilling all the requirements in this Regulation.
ART. 2║ - Objectives of the Competition:
2.1 The purpose of this Contest is to encourage, disseminate and promote cartoonists, accordance with the terms of this Regulation, in addition to awarding prizes.
ART. 3rd - Registration
3.1. Entries can be made from January 23 to February 20, 2019, and can be performed as follows:
a) e-mail: caricature@teresinashopping.com.br;
b) personally at Teresina Shopping, at the Information Kiosk.
3.2. Entries must be made with the following attachments:
a) Registration form completed (Annex I), with the Term of Adhesion and Acceptance;
b) "Design": image (s) of the work (s) to be registered, with title, in the standard size 30 x 42cm;
c) Copy of personal documents (RG, CPF and Proof of address).
3.2.1 The PARTICIPANT shall access the Teresina Shopping website, at the link: http://teresinashopping.com.br/caricatura, in which, this will be available Regulation and the Entry Form, which must be printed, completed, signed and delivered or sent by email.
3.3. Each PARTICIPANT may enter a maximum of 03 (three) "Drawings";
3.4. The "Drawing" will not be accepted by the PROMOTER, delivered by the PARTICIPANT:
(i) disrespects the Brazilian Law, in general, and in particular, the laws of copyright and / or intellectual property rights;
(ii) produced with the intention of committing fraud or encouraging the practice of conduct unlawful or contrary to morals;
(iii) disrespects the electoral and partisan legislation, and PARTICIPANT or Responsible Legal, total and exclusive responsibility for the "Design" by him provided, exempting the PROMOTER from any responsibility
arising from the violation of said legislation.
3.5. THE PARTICIPANT hereby declares and warrants that:
(i) the "Drawing" sent to the PROMOTER is in accordance with the provisions applicable laws;
(ii) the use of any copyrighted material and copyright personality in the design of the "Drawing" is regularized; and,
(iii) the "Design" does not violate the rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyright and personality rights.
Sole Paragraph: It is forbidden to replace the drawings delivered after the act of Subscription.
3.6. The Organizing Committee constituted by PROMOTORA is not responsible for any defect in the material sent, nor for cases of illegibility and lack of
vertivity of the information provided by the PARTICIPANT, which may, if to be disqualified.
3.7. All PARTICIPANTS shall complete and sign the Instrument of Accession and Acceptance at the time of registration, provided by the Contest organization available on page www.teresinashopping.com.br/caricatura.
3.8. There will be no registration fee for PARTICIPANTS.
3.9. Participation shall not be allowed for candidates who do not documentation requested in item 3.2 of this Regulation.
3.10. The mere act of enrollment of the PARTICIPANT shall, for all intents and purposes, terms of authorization in the recording, publication, execution of the work, as well as reviews, automatically, all the rights of use of image of the "Drawing" inscribed to the
PROMOTER of the Competition, for an indefinite period.
3.11. Failure to comply with the instructions of this Regulation will declassification of the works.
3.12. PARTICIPANTS under 18 (eighteen) years of age must be represented by their parents or legal representatives, and it is not possible to register without.

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