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Sami Mohammed Ali Bedawi-BEDAIWI


Born in: 8th June /1968 
Occupation: Cartoonist in October weekly magazine 
Member of FECO Egypt. 
Member of the Egyptian association for cartoonists. 
My cartoons is shown in many Egyptian issues such as Alahram daily newspaper (on Friday), Caricature magazine & Katr Eland children magazine 
Festivals &Competitions participations
Competitions in many countries such as Romania, Brazil,China,Portugal,Turkey,Italy,Sweden,Argentina,Germany,  Peru,Taiwan,Cyprus,Colombia, Yoguslavia,Belgium,Poland,Croatia,Ukraine, Iran, & Mexico. 
(Egypt Europe Competition) was held at British Council in Cairo from 8th to 19th June1998. 
(Pharaohs) a festival at Opera House - Egypy 1998.
Free festival at Opera House - Egypy 1999.
Festival about (Palestine )at League of Arab States 

  - Egypy 2000 
1st International Cartoon Competition (Algona Red sea ط£آ¢أ¢â€ڑآ¬أ¢â‚¬إ“ Egypt ) 2000 I have got a certificate of deposit
2nd International Cartoon Competition November 2001- Egypt
3rd International Cartoon competition about - Egypt December 2001
Free festival at Elesmalia Governorate 2001- Egypt
1st Personal exhibition at journalist club May 2002.
4th prize from Ministry of Information for woman health competition)
Selected prize from FreeCartoonsWeb 2002 China.
The fifth prize from the 12th Daejeon int'l cartoon contest prize works أ¢â‚¬â€œ Korea . 
A Special Prize from 1st Leng Mu China International Cartoon Competition 2002.
My website has been linking in many famous cartoon sites such as :
http://www.fanofunny.com Italian site.
http://www.irancartoon.com Iranian site.
http://www.geocities.com/ismailkartoons Turkish site
http://www.fcwfcw.com Chinese site.
http://www.satiramorim.hpg.com.br Brazilian site
http://vilagokorseg.hu/Album/index.html Italian site
www.swensonfunnies.com Sweden site
www.arsocomica.com / Elk Foundation
http://www.afghancartoon.ch.vu/ Afghan cartoon site.
www.arabiancreativity.comedaiwi.htm a page in Arabian creativity site.
http://www.allabadi.com/linx.htm the poet Ayman Allabadi's site.
My illustrations were appeared in Cartoonists Rights Network East Europe cartoon Exhibition [Women Cartoonists Draw about Free Expression] & for Humorhouse.org as postcards.
The French culture center in " Alexanderia - Egypt " invited me to lecture with " Plantu " the French famous cartoonist on 23rd January 2003
A Chinese newspaper called The Nanfangdaily newspaper and other name is southern daily newspaper had written an essay about me & my cartoons on 7th may 2003.


Sami Mohammed Ali Bedawi-BEDAIWI 
1119 Kornaish El Neel, October Weekly Magazine, 
Cairo, Egypt.
Tel: + 202 3288497 

bedaiwi@gawab.com    www.bedaiwi.i8.com 

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