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Bayram Hajizadeh 

  The President of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union The Honoured Art Worker of the Azerbaijan Republic 
He was born in Baku in 1968. 
He left the State School of Arts named after A.Azimzadeh in 1987. He graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Art and Culture in 1994.
Since 1985 he has been working as a caricaturist-artist in the state press. 
He has contributed with the satiric magazine “Kyrpi” (Hedgehog) since 1986. 
He is the member of Azerbaijan Journalists’ Union from 2000.
The Union conferred on him the diploma "Zardabi" for his efficient activity in the press. 
He is the member of the Union of Azerbaijan Artists from 2005 and he is the head of the Cartoon Section.
He is the editor-in-chief of the magazine “We and Caricature” from 2005. 
He is the laureate of "Vatan" media prize. 
He is the President of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union from 2006. 
He is the president of FECO’s (FEderation of Cartoonists Organisations) Azerbaijan group from 2006. 
He is the member of the editorial staff of “FECONEWS” (magazine).
He was given special awards and golden medal in the Republic and international contests, his works have been published in the catalogues of dozens of international contests.
He was the member of the jury in the contests held different countries of the world.
Since 2005 he is engaged in research work named "The development of cartoon in Azerbaijan" 
He is the author of 4 books and nearly 100 monographs and articles in the field of cartoon. 
Is the Honoured Art Worker of the Azerbaijan Republic 2007.

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Azerbaijan, Baku AZ 1010
Neftchiler Avenue, 145 
Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union. 
Tel: (994 12) 493 28 98, fax:(994 12) 493 09 18

e-mail: info@azercartoon.com   or  karikaturachilar@mail.az or karikaturachilar@yahoo.com 

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