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Note : The cartoons we are going to publish in Karcomics Magazine this pages are those examples from Cartoon Art which are similar to each other... 
By doing this, we do not have any aim of creating an atmosphere of discussion or accusing anyone...
We aim only and only at showing the similarities in the Cartoon Art and preventing their repeat...
To act in accordance with the terms of this idea of this page is open to everyone that contributed to the art of caricature Thank you to everyone.
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Bu sayfaların tek amacı Karikatür Sanatındaki benzerlikleri ortaya çıkartmak ve tekrarlanmasını önlemektir...
Bu düşünceler doğrultusunda hareket etmek şartıyla bu sayfalar herkese açık olup Karikatür Sanatına emeği geçen herkese şimdiden teşekkürler...

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29th Nasreddin Hodja 2009 and Gatto...

Dear Sirs,
I consider very serious permit and publish (Don Quichotte site) a personal attack, so violent towards me.
I do not understand the reason for this nastiness.
I can explain the birth and history of all my works,
but I will not.
I will not stoop to this level vulgar.
In my career as a painter, I have received over 250 awards around the world.
I am convinced that I must prove my worth to anyone.
Still less to the gentleman Pena-Pai.
I am incredulous and bitter.
Dear Sirs
Unfortunately, once again, I must defend myself from those who accuse me of copying cartoon of other colleagues.
I say immediately that this offends me.
Work and in life I consider myself honest.
You may believe this or not. The truth does not change.
Regarding my cartoon that won the 29th Nasreddin Hodja,I want to ask those who accuse me - he has never heard Sebastian Brant?
-. I think that few people know this writer in 1494 wrote the book "THE SHIP OF FOOLS"
(there are beautiful engravings of Durer).
In the Middle Ages to be "crazy" meant to be "sinners",then "guilty", only the divine forgiveness could free them.
But I still wonder: - because you are always sure that all spend time looking at catalogs for ideas of others? -. I enjoy more than studying.
Now, I know that the problem of plagiarism exists (I repeat many times), but I wait to read your excuses for what I'm concerned.
Sincerely,Alessandro Gatto

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