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  Born in Alasehir in Turkey in 1950.
Educational background and work experiences:
- High school education : Salihli High School, Manisa , Turkey
- Undergraduate Education : University of Istanbul, Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy 1974
- High scholl teacher between 1976 and 1993 in several state schools.

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  - Sign painter until 1993 which was handled as a part time job during the university years.
- Have worked in several daily and weekly local newspaper and magazines:
* 1974 - 1976: "Demokrat Izmir" ( daily local newspaper)
* 1977 - 1986 : "Orhangazi yenigun" and "Iznik Dogus" (local weekly publications)
* 1987 - 1999 : "Bursa Hakimiyet" (daily local newspaper)
- Instructor between 1994 and 2001 giving courses in Uludag University, Faculty of Education. Have tought to several courses including, Esthetics, Applied Caricature, Philosophy of Educations to the prospective high scholl teachers.
Exhibitions, honours, awards:
- Hundereds of international groupwide exhibitions and albums.
- Hundereds of national groupwide exhibitions and albumS.
- Two personal albums named : "Cizgi ile" and "Cartoons of Ipabo exhibition".
- More than 20 personal exhibitions of two are abroad (Holland and Cyprus)
- Several awards in international contests including :
* 1977 Gabrovo Bulgaria
* 1986 Sedat Simavi Turkey
* 1988 Yomiuri Shimbun Japan
* 1995 Marostica Italy
* 1997 Torino Italy
* 1999 Lefkose, Cyprus
- A lot of awards in national contests some of important once are:
* 1973 Nasreddin Hodja, Aksehir, Turkey
* 1994 Yunus Nadi Awards, Istanbul Turkey
Attanted to several international and national festivals as a guest or jury member including "Salon International du dessin de Presse et d'Humour" in France. "Umoristica a Marostica" in Italy
Associated enrolled :
Turkey association of Cartoonists
FECO (Federation of European cartoonists Organisation)




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